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Monday, March 1, 2010

Simple Reminders

Well we were driving the other day and I was cussing out this car for going slow. They wouldn't get out of my way and they were going WAY slow, so I was giving them a piece of my mind. So after we passed them, we saw that it was a little old guy. And Lexi said, " Mom, you shouldn't have been so hard on him, he's old and short." And I just thought, how sad is it that my 4 year old has to remind me to be a nice person. And then I thought how lucky I am to have someone to keep me in line! Not only does she keep me in line, she also helps me remember the simple things in life. Like when she notices a cloud shaped like something, and then points it out to me. I am so glad I have a simple mind to keep me in line!

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  1. So true they always see the good in everyone don't they? Good little reminders...