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Thursday, March 18, 2010

26 Things about me...

So I have noticed on a couple of other blogs the 26 things about me I figured I would do one... so here goes.

A: Age 23
B: Bed size- King
C: Chore I hate: Sweeping
D: Dog's name: Hannah
E: Essential Food Item: Almond Joy Pieces
F: Favorite Color: PINK
G: Gold or Silver: Silver
H: Height: 5'7"
I: I am: OCD
J: Job: During the day, Wife and Mommy, by Night, Server
K: Kids: Lexi almost 5, Quinn 16 months
L: Living situation: Our cute little house on the corner with our cute little family!
M: Lori Luke ( soon to be Keck)
N: Nicknames: Terra is actually short for Terralind, so that could be my nickname, and Terr, TerrBerr, and Terra Toots
O: Overnight Hospital stays: 2 C- Sections, Kidney Stones, and Congestive Heart failure, and 3 of those were before I was 19.
P: Pet Peeve: when people interrupt!!! Drives me nuts!!
Q: Quote from a movie: On the Movie " A League of Our Own" She says " The name's May and that's not just a name it's an attitude." So I always say " The name's Terra, and that's not just a name it's an attitude." It's so fitting.
R: Right or Left Handed: Right
S: Siblings: Rachel, Meagan, and Madison. And they are all my best friends!
T: Time I wake up: On days where Lexi has school I wake up at 7. But other days I wake up when my kids get up, usually around 9 or 9 30.
U: Unique thing about my car: I just got it in August, cuz my transmission went out in my old one. I also own a derby car! Since I drove in it.
V: Vegetables I hate: POTATOES!!!
W: Ways I run late: I am never matter what, I guess that's part of my OCD.
X: X-Rays: Ultrasounds, Echo Cardiogram, Cat Scans, and Teeth. The Echo Cardiogram and Cat Scan were because of Congestive Heart Failure.
Z: Zoo Favorite: Baboons with the Rainbow Butts!


  1. lol, I love it, and the fact that you have your awesome. Miss ya

  2. I will have to bring you some almond joy to the way you are welcome to view our blog anytime

  3. hey! i'm adding your blog to my blog list! i hope you dont mind! :)