The Budd's

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Trooper

This poor little girl....I wish I could take away all of this stuff that happens to her. At 3:37 Monday morning, Quinn went into a seizure. This isn't that abnormal, she has had them before as most of you know. But we gave her her rescue medication and it didn't stop it. So we  hopped in the car and went to Primary Children's. Luckily there was not much traffic at the time in the morning and we were able to make it there in 31 minutes. As soon as we got there, the ER Doctors gave her a dose of Adavan and it didn't stop the seizure either. By this time she has been seizing for about an hour and a half. They gave her another dose of Adavan and it finally stopped. They admitted her into the Rapid Treatment Unit and observed her all day. The neurologist think that it is best if she gets on a daily medication. 

She has been very tired and drowsy and the new medication will take her body a while to get used too, but hopefully it helps. I am so sad for all the stuff she is going through. I hope the medicine helps and that she can live a semi normal life. She sure doesn't let it get her down, she has been bossing us all around and taking advantage of sleeping in our room so we can watch her.

She is such a trooper and is so strong! We are so lucky to have her and we know there is a reason she got sent to us and couldn't be more thankful!

Month 5

Dear Hudson,

You are now five months old. I just can't believe it. You are such a handsome little man and have the cutest personality. You laugh and giggle all the time. You are a very happy boy all the time. When you decided you are hungry, you want a bottle RIGHT NOW...and everyone better hurry and cater to you. I guess I may have spoiled you just a little bit so far!

You have started to roll from your belly to your back. Lexi was the first person you showed this new trick to. She was very excited! You scoot around and love to play with toys and shake your rattle! You have a little tooth on the bottom that keeps trying to come in and then goes away. It has only made you just a little bit cranky, but you're so cute, we don't care!

We love having you in our family and are having so much fun with you!


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Random #1:  I went to the new clothing shop on Main Street yesterday and bought a really cute top. They have such cute stuff. It is by the Angry Bull and it's called Bella Ella. Everyone should check it out!

Random #2: I feel old. I drive an SUV with three children in the back as we travel from dance lessons, to softball practice and games and to play dates. I am only 25 but the three kids thing has really made me feel.....shall we say "mature".

Random #3: I got a new washer and dryer last week and I absolutely love them. They do my laundry in half the time, they use less energy and water and detergent and they are quiet. I don't have to listen to the squeak of my old dryer anymore. I'm not so excited however about the pretty price tag that came with them.

Random #4: I really try to be a positive person, but sometimes I am not. Simple as that. There is this one human that makes it really hard to be positive when I am around them.

Random #5: I have been getting up and going walking at 5:30 three times a week. It makes me feel so good to get up and going and getting some exercise. If you haven't been up and outside at 5:30 lately, it is cold, so if you decide too, wear ear muffs.

Random #6: I have been painting my nails a different color every week for about 4 months now. They are royal blue today. I wonder what will be next?

Random#7: I love my calling at church. I am the pianist in primary, and I don't have to prepare a lesson. I just have to show up and play, which I love to play so it couldn't be much better!

Random #8: I got my hair cut and colored last week. I love my new haircut with the straight across bangs. I contemplated getting bangs for a really long time and just did it one day and I love them. I have had to start coloring my hair on a regular basis because I am going grey.... maybe that's why I feel old!

Random #9: I went to the grocery store the other night for ice cream. I ended up coming home with two outside rocking chairs. They are so cute and look great under my new pergola! I knew I had a feeling I should take the truck...and don't worry, I remembered they ice cream too. It just ended up being a $90 trip rather than a $5 one.

Random #10: Pretty Little Liars started last week and I am so excited! Even though we are pretty stumped at who could be helping Mona, because obviously she can't be the only "A". I really love Hannah's haircut too, it's super cute!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

She Turned Seven

We have this girl here....she turned seven. I don't know how I suddenly became a mother of a seven year old. Most people have great stories of the birth of their first child. Mine was a complete nightmare and I can promise you that if this wonderful girl hadn't been the product, I never would've had any more.

I was due on May 27, 2005. May 31 I was still pregnant, not thinned out or dilated with rising blood pressure. Being 4 days past due and risk of Toxemia, my doctor decided to start me. At 1:00 p.m. on May 31st I was started on PIT. This put me having hard contractions every two minutes. I proceeded to do this until the evening on June 1st when they decided to do a C-Section. Thirty six hours after I was started at 6:59p.m. on June 1st Lexi was born. We went home from the hospital and 5 days later, I was hospitalized again for Congestive Heart Failure caused by my pregnancy and long labor ending in C-Section. They drained a pint and a half of fluid off of my right lung and put me on diuretics to get rid of the rest of the water brought on by my slowing heart. I lost 21 pounds of water in 4 days. To say the least, this scared me to death. But as soon as I looked in her eyes and heard her laugh, I knew I was meant to be a mom and I would eventually have more. And now she is seven!

She celebrated a birth"week" really. Because the last day of school was on her birthday, the Teacher and I decided to do her class party on Wednesday. We took cupcakes and her class played a game of her choice. Friday when school got out we went to Park City to take her to lunch, at a restaurant of her choice....Panda Express. Then we went shopping. Saturday we had a "Dance Party" with her friends, turning our garage into a "Club". It was so cute! Then on Sunday we had cake and ice cream with all of our family.

Dance Party

We hung black table cloths covered in glittery star stickers from the garage to kind of separate it. We made a black and white checkerboard dance floor and bought a mini disco light, disco ball, and spinning siren. We turned the lights out and gave the kids glow bracelets. We played lots of dance games and just let the kids dance how they wanted to. It turned out so cute and the clean up was super easy, which is always nice!

A Bow

When we asked Lexi what she wanted for her birthday, she surprised us by saying a compound bow. We got her this kids model and she is a good shot! It is a Black Diamond Bow with all Pink accessories. She has shot a lot and is really good! This is her target practice, I don't know if she would've killed the coyote but she did hit it! 

Family Party

The family party was so much fun. We got to enjoy the shade of the pergola Cameron built me for Mother's Day. All of the Grandparents were there except for my mom who lives in Montana, but we picked her up the next day from the airport for a visit. We had Better than Sex Cake, Lemon Cake and Oreo Cake. It was super fun just to visit and watch the "entertainment" of Lexi shooting her bow.

Dear Lexi,
I can't even tell you how much joy you bring into our lives. You are the kindest person I have ever met and love everyone. You hate to see someone hurt and you try to include everyone in the things you do. You are the best sister ever and you take such good care of Quinn and Hudson and would never let anything happen to them. You love to dance and we love to watch you because you are so good and get really into it! You have started playing softball and told me that you love it and always want to play. And you can really hit the ball. You are a great student and have done so well in school and love to read. I want you to know how much we love you. You are such a good example to our family and a great person. We look forward to all the many things we will get to experience with you, hopefully they won't go so fast!