The Budd's

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Trooper

This poor little girl....I wish I could take away all of this stuff that happens to her. At 3:37 Monday morning, Quinn went into a seizure. This isn't that abnormal, she has had them before as most of you know. But we gave her her rescue medication and it didn't stop it. So we  hopped in the car and went to Primary Children's. Luckily there was not much traffic at the time in the morning and we were able to make it there in 31 minutes. As soon as we got there, the ER Doctors gave her a dose of Adavan and it didn't stop the seizure either. By this time she has been seizing for about an hour and a half. They gave her another dose of Adavan and it finally stopped. They admitted her into the Rapid Treatment Unit and observed her all day. The neurologist think that it is best if she gets on a daily medication. 

She has been very tired and drowsy and the new medication will take her body a while to get used too, but hopefully it helps. I am so sad for all the stuff she is going through. I hope the medicine helps and that she can live a semi normal life. She sure doesn't let it get her down, she has been bossing us all around and taking advantage of sleeping in our room so we can watch her.

She is such a trooper and is so strong! We are so lucky to have her and we know there is a reason she got sent to us and couldn't be more thankful!


  1. Oh oh oh, how that breaks my heart! What a trouper is right! Oh, the stress and heartache you guys must be feeling - so sorry!
    She is a sweet little thing, and hopefully everything can get figured out with all that medication. I am sure thinking about you!

  2. This breaks my heart! Let me know if there is anything we can do for you guys!

  3. She is such a trooper. She looks so big! What a cute little girl. I hope the new meds help, and that she feels better.