The Budd's

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday and Kidney Stones

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday. Let me tell you how...

Passing Kidney Stones!! Yay! What a great way to spend your birthday. But enough of that...

As I have approached 25, I have been really contemplating my life, what kind of mom I am, what kind of wife I am, and what kind of person I am.

Lately, I have not been that impressed. Since I started working full time everything has kind of gone down the crapper. I get off work and don't feel like doing a damn thing. The laundry doesn't get done, and my house is a filthy pig sty! I have let Lexi sleep on the couch about every night this summer because I am to lazy to go tuck her in. And I have been slacking on Quinn's therapy that I am supposed to do with her every day.

I keep thinking..."Something's got to give." And it has. Last week I gave my notice at work. While expecting our 3rd child, I look at the mess that I am in right now, and get really scared when I think of a new baby in this mess. Plus, how does a mother of 3 work 40 hours a week?

So...yesterday as I was "Celebrating" my 25th. I decided to give myself a make over. I am going to make over the mom and wife I am and try to be better. I am not in my early twenties anymore and can't get away with being flaky. I am going to stay home and not work. Lucky me to get to stay home with such cute kids! I have to sacrifice some stuff. Like my brand new 2011 Jetta that I absolutely love. Because we won't be able to afford it now. But I would drive a 1982 New Yorker if it means I get to stay home with my kids.

Maybe that is the newer, older, wiser version of myself. But I have just gotten to the point that it doesn't matter what I drive, and it doesn't matter what I wear or what toys we have. All that matters is that my family is taken care of. And that I am not on the sidelines like I have felt like for the past 8 months. And is feeling like you are on the sidelines in your own kids lives worth driving a nice car and making good money? I think not.

I tried working full time. I like the job. But I can't say that it is for me. I can't wait to spend my days home with my wonderful kids and hopefully improve myself.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Naughty, Naughty

I have always said that the "Terrible 2's" aren't nearly as bad as people say. I personally think that it is closer to 3 that it gets bad.
Did I mention Quinn will be 3 in November?

It's hard to imagine this sweet little thing being "Terrible"


But believe me, I witness it on a daily basis!
She can go from sweet, innocent little Quinn, to Monster in .02 seconds!

The other night we were sitting upstairs watching "Tangled" with the girls. All was well and everyone was being quiet and enjoying the show, when out of nowhere, Quinn chucks a toy laptop at Lexi's head! Now, this girl can throw. Her right arm is so strong from trying to compensate from not being able to use her left one. Needless to say she left a GIANT goose egg on Lexi's forehead that stayed for days.
I know what you are thinking....that Lexi must have done something to provoke this behavior. That would be a negative! I witnessed the whole thing.

Also, we were at my Grandma Bonnie's and Lexi was lying on the couch and Quinn looked at all of the adults to see who was watching, and didn't know I was, when she tried to hit Lex over the head with a toy vacuum. And then giggled!

I don't know what I am going to do with her!

I woke her up this morning to get her ready to go to the sheep show with my sisters. And she was not thrilled to get woke up.

Me: Quinn, get up. You get to go hang out with Rachel at the sheep show, that will be so fun!
Quinn: No I don't want to.
Me: You have to, mommy has to go to work! Come one, let's get ready.
Quinn: I get ready, but I will be naughty at the sheep show!

All I can say is at least she is honest!