The Budd's

Thursday, March 18, 2010

26 Things about me...

So I have noticed on a couple of other blogs the 26 things about me I figured I would do one... so here goes.

A: Age 23
B: Bed size- King
C: Chore I hate: Sweeping
D: Dog's name: Hannah
E: Essential Food Item: Almond Joy Pieces
F: Favorite Color: PINK
G: Gold or Silver: Silver
H: Height: 5'7"
I: I am: OCD
J: Job: During the day, Wife and Mommy, by Night, Server
K: Kids: Lexi almost 5, Quinn 16 months
L: Living situation: Our cute little house on the corner with our cute little family!
M: Lori Luke ( soon to be Keck)
N: Nicknames: Terra is actually short for Terralind, so that could be my nickname, and Terr, TerrBerr, and Terra Toots
O: Overnight Hospital stays: 2 C- Sections, Kidney Stones, and Congestive Heart failure, and 3 of those were before I was 19.
P: Pet Peeve: when people interrupt!!! Drives me nuts!!
Q: Quote from a movie: On the Movie " A League of Our Own" She says " The name's May and that's not just a name it's an attitude." So I always say " The name's Terra, and that's not just a name it's an attitude." It's so fitting.
R: Right or Left Handed: Right
S: Siblings: Rachel, Meagan, and Madison. And they are all my best friends!
T: Time I wake up: On days where Lexi has school I wake up at 7. But other days I wake up when my kids get up, usually around 9 or 9 30.
U: Unique thing about my car: I just got it in August, cuz my transmission went out in my old one. I also own a derby car! Since I drove in it.
V: Vegetables I hate: POTATOES!!!
W: Ways I run late: I am never matter what, I guess that's part of my OCD.
X: X-Rays: Ultrasounds, Echo Cardiogram, Cat Scans, and Teeth. The Echo Cardiogram and Cat Scan were because of Congestive Heart Failure.
Z: Zoo Favorite: Baboons with the Rainbow Butts!

Friday, March 5, 2010

On the Farm

Well this time of the year is the time that we have baby lambs and baby goats. It's really cute when they are first born and are just tiny. Well, my dad went on a cruise last week and left us in charge of the farm. The first day we went over, there were 4 baby goats, and they were dying. So we brought them home and got them warmed up and fed them with a tube. So for about 3 days we had baby goats living in my kitchen. And needless to say they all died. It was super sad!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Simple Reminders

Well we were driving the other day and I was cussing out this car for going slow. They wouldn't get out of my way and they were going WAY slow, so I was giving them a piece of my mind. So after we passed them, we saw that it was a little old guy. And Lexi said, " Mom, you shouldn't have been so hard on him, he's old and short." And I just thought, how sad is it that my 4 year old has to remind me to be a nice person. And then I thought how lucky I am to have someone to keep me in line! Not only does she keep me in line, she also helps me remember the simple things in life. Like when she notices a cloud shaped like something, and then points it out to me. I am so glad I have a simple mind to keep me in line!