The Budd's

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We are still alive!

Despite of the fact that I haven't been updating my blog...we are still alive and ticking! We have had a pretty busy summer with Cameron derbying and softball and working. Lexi is getting ready to go to kindergarten and has already picked out her outfit for the first day. She is super excited! I can't believe that it's already time....where did the past 5 years go. She is so smart and such a cutie! Quinn has been doing really well with her therapy and has actually started taking steps! She has a little walker and gets going pretty good! She got glasses last week ( I will post pics soon). She loves them and never takes them off cuz she can finally see!! And she just got accepted to Shriner's Hospital which is SO good. It's just what she needs, it's an orthopedic children's hospital that's non we don't have to pay! So we are doing well...I will try to post updates more often.