The Budd's

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank You UPS Man!

At work yesterday the UPS man came in and said he had 17 packages for me. 17....that's a lot. So I went in the warehouse and opened the door for him and when he was done unloading I went to sign for the 17 packages. This is how the conversation went....

UPS MAN: Actually, I need an adult signature for these.
ME: Okay, I am an adult.
UPS MAN: No, I mean like over 21.
ME: Wow! I am actually 25...but thanks for the confidence boost!

So, to the UPS Man who thought I was merely a teenager, THANK YOU! Lately I have been feeling very old.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Random #1: I absolutely hate Play Dough. Who invented that nasty crap? All it is good for is getting stuck in the carpet and causing a huge fight with me and my kids when I won't let them play with it....dumb!

Random #2: I am taking a new fitness class. It's called Vertical Fitness...LOVE IT!

Random #3: I hate to admit it, but on more than one occasion when my doorbell has rang, I have gone and looked who it is out the window in my door, clearly visible to the person standing there, and turned around and walked away.

Random #4: I had a Ham and Swiss from Scrappy's Timp Freeze the other day and it's quite possible that it is the best thing I have ever eaten. It had pickles and some special mustard sauce. Delightful!

Random #5: I drew a general Archery Deer Tag this year...guess I should practice shooting my bow.

Random #6: Sometimes when people are talking to me I zone out and just pretend that I know what they are saying. The embarrassing thing is when I am supposed to remember something from that conversation and have to admit that I wasn't listening.

Random # 7: Cameron and I like to play practical jokes on each other. He still hasn't gotten me back from when I went downstairs and turned the water off to the master shower while he was in it.

Random #8: Every Friday night we record "Ghost Adventures" I freakin love that show.

Random #9: Sometimes I like to go into my kids rooms at night while they are sleeping and talk to them. Is that considered mean?

Random #10: I bought a very cute pair of Gladiator Sandals and I am wearing them right now...LOVE THEM!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Budd Girls Update

Having girls has been such an amazing thing....we get to dress pretty, dance, do make-up, sing, play with dolls and Barbies, and bake. I absolutely love my girls. I am so glad I don't have to play with bugs and dirt and little boy things. I sure don't know what I would do with a boy. So here are some of the happenings lately for the Budd Girls...

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Lexi celebrated her 6th birthday on June 1st! She is so grown up. We had all the family over for cake and ice cream. And then we took her to Kung Fu Panda 2. Then a couple days later she took of to Billings, Montana to spend a week with my mom. I have never spent more than 2 nights apart from her so I have been really missing her. She will start 1st grade in the fall and is very excited! Her teacher is Mrs. Mecham and we have heard really great things about her! Lexi is a little goof, who is always playing jokes and trying to be funny. She absolutely HATES cleaning her room. In fact, the picture above was one night that she was supposed to be cleaning, she came out to ask me something dressed like this! She also has a habit of falling asleep when she is supposed to be cleaning.

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Lexi is such a good kid who is full of energy and has a very kind heart. She is an amazing daughter and sister and we love her so much!

Quinn is doing very well since her seizure. She is back to herself, we just are a little more cautious with her. She is growing up so much, I can't even believe that she is almost 3. She runs around and plays with Lexi constantly. She loves playing with babies, riding her " bike" ( the one she decided to ride down the stairs!), and cuddling. She has not one bit of fear in her. Even though she has a harder time doing things, she will do them no matter what. She is a spitfire and tells you exactly what she wants. Quinn has made so much progress and is doing amazing. She has such a strong will and will try as hard as she can and never give up. She is such a good example to us and such a sweet spirit.
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She went to Primary Children's for and eeg the other day. It measured her brain waves and can tell us more about the seizure. She had about 25 little wires all hooked to her head and then a "turbin" wrapped around it. She had to sleep for 30 minutes.

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The nurse was so cute with her. We have always been treated so good at Primary Children's. She told Quinn that all of those wires were going to make her look like "Tangled" and she had really long hair! It was so cute. She was really good for the whole thing.

Lexi gets to come home on Sunday and I CAN'T WAIT!! I miss her so much. Quinn has missed her too, so we just sit and cuddle and miss Lexi.