The Budd's

Friday, June 17, 2011


Random #1: I absolutely hate Play Dough. Who invented that nasty crap? All it is good for is getting stuck in the carpet and causing a huge fight with me and my kids when I won't let them play with it....dumb!

Random #2: I am taking a new fitness class. It's called Vertical Fitness...LOVE IT!

Random #3: I hate to admit it, but on more than one occasion when my doorbell has rang, I have gone and looked who it is out the window in my door, clearly visible to the person standing there, and turned around and walked away.

Random #4: I had a Ham and Swiss from Scrappy's Timp Freeze the other day and it's quite possible that it is the best thing I have ever eaten. It had pickles and some special mustard sauce. Delightful!

Random #5: I drew a general Archery Deer Tag this year...guess I should practice shooting my bow.

Random #6: Sometimes when people are talking to me I zone out and just pretend that I know what they are saying. The embarrassing thing is when I am supposed to remember something from that conversation and have to admit that I wasn't listening.

Random # 7: Cameron and I like to play practical jokes on each other. He still hasn't gotten me back from when I went downstairs and turned the water off to the master shower while he was in it.

Random #8: Every Friday night we record "Ghost Adventures" I freakin love that show.

Random #9: Sometimes I like to go into my kids rooms at night while they are sleeping and talk to them. Is that considered mean?

Random #10: I bought a very cute pair of Gladiator Sandals and I am wearing them right now...LOVE THEM!


  1. I do the same thing when my kids are sleeping, I think it's so funny! I hate answering my door, I think more often than not, I make the kids hide with me ha ha!

  2. I LOVE PLAY DOUGH!!! It is hours and hours and hours of entertainment for my kids. I just know I have to vacuum when they are finished.