The Budd's

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank You UPS Man!

At work yesterday the UPS man came in and said he had 17 packages for me. 17....that's a lot. So I went in the warehouse and opened the door for him and when he was done unloading I went to sign for the 17 packages. This is how the conversation went....

UPS MAN: Actually, I need an adult signature for these.
ME: Okay, I am an adult.
UPS MAN: No, I mean like over 21.
ME: Wow! I am actually 25...but thanks for the confidence boost!

So, to the UPS Man who thought I was merely a teenager, THANK YOU! Lately I have been feeling very old.


  1. Ha ha! I know how you feel! I used to always get called Caden's big sister!

  2. That is sweet! I need that UPS man to come visit me. No, then he would say something to me I don't want to hear!!

  3. That is funny! I wonder what he would have said if you told him you had 2 kids and that one of them was in the 1st grade :)