The Budd's

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Archery Woman!

My New Hobby!!

So...about 3 weeks ago, I mentioned to Cameron that I would like to learn how to shoot a Bow. Just to see if I like it, and then maybe we could get me one. Well, apparently he was super excited because he took me to Cabelas and bought me one. It's awesome! And PINK!! We took it to Humphrey's Archery and got it all set up and got my arrows and everything. My draw length is 27 and Cameron's is 29. So I guess that means I have long arms. And the draw weight is at 40lbs. So it takes a lot of effort to pull it back. I have to laugh because I have been after Cameron to fix our shower for about 9 months, and he keeps putting off, but when I say I want a bow, he buys it 5 days later! I swear he wants me to be like Tiffany on a hunting show called The Crush with Lee and Tiffany.

So Cameron set up some targets in our basement so I could practice and get comfortable with it. So I have been shooting down there, and we went to Ibohunt last Saturday and shot. It was way fun, except that I whipped my arm pretty good and got a big old bruise! But it really is a lot of fun. I can't wait to shoot a deer with it!


  1. lol , NIce, I swear thats how all man are, if you need somthing done, good luck but once you show intrest in somthing they love , they jump right on it.. Love the action shot, Your a mountain hottie now

  2. You are a daredevil no wonder we get along so