The Budd's

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boyfriends Already?

Well...we have had a little bit of teenage drama with Lexi the last little while. Ever since she started school in September she has had a little crush on a boy in her class. She talks about him all the time and just gets this grin on her face. Well in about November, Ms. Katie had to tell me that Lexi got in trouble for locking 3 boys in the bathroom and not letting them leave until they kissed her! I don't know where she got that idea! Well, I guess her and this boy decided to be boyfriend/girlfriend. And Lexi had to yell at another little girl who sat by her man! So they other day I went to pick her up from school, and this little boy came and asked me to get him an invitation for her bday party, because he doesn't know when it is or where we live. So she had invited him to her party, which I am not mistaken shouldn't be til June! But when I picked her up the other day she told me that they broke up. And when I asked her why, she told me that she told Porter, that he needed to go home and tell his mom that she would never see him again, because if they get married, he needs to come live with us! Oh my goodness, this has already started, what am I gonna do when she is 14?

So that was the update on is the update for Quinn...

She is 14 months, and she weighs 18 lbs. So that puts her in the 5th percentile. I was reading older posts, and when she was 6 months, she was in the 30th, so that has dropped pretty bad. But she eats, so I don't know what to do. Since her surgery, she acts like a totally different kid. She wants to sit and play all the time. Her 1st word was Baby. And her 2nd was deer. She is so funny. She has started to pull herself up to the couch, so I think that she should start walking soon. She is so full of energy and look out if she doesn't get what she wants. She has an attitude!!


  1. I love lexi, shes a lil hottie, like her momma!!!! miss you

  2. That is so funny about Lexi and the things that kiddos can come up with. Good luck I think that you might need it! :-)

  3. oh man, you will definatly have you hands full with her..She is way to beautiful and independant..haha

  4. Ha ha! That is so funny about Lexi! Caden was into girls last year, but not so much this year, thank goodness!

  5. Ohh Trouble, trouble, trouble so dang cute though!