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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bachelorette Party, Transformers, and Derby Cars

Well...we haven't been doing much lately. Just hanging out at 7 Peaks, working on the Derby car, playing softball, and working. So I guess we have been doing a lot! Luckily coed softball is over, so I am done, but Cameron still plays on Mondays. The derby car is coming a long slowly, and is now parked on my brand new patio! And many of you know how OCD I am, and can probably guess that is totally driving me INSANE!!!

Jenn's bachelorette party was on Friday night. And I debated for days whether to go or not. I decided to go and it was so much fun!! I had a blast. I was the only one not drinking so I was the driver, but I didn't mind because we had so much fun at Harry O's dancing!

So Transformers was AWESOME!!! I can't even say how much I love Shia. He is so awesome. I never would've even watched Transformers because I am totally not into those kind of movies, but I did because he is in it, and now I love it! I seriously love him!

I am so excited for a lot of movies coming out soon....

~ Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
~ The Time Traveler's Wife
~ GI Joe ( only because Tatum Channing is in it) and of coarse
~ New Moon!!!


  1. Exactly. I can't wait for the Time Traveler's Wife. I wish I could see you in the Derby- but I have serious doubts about getting it off. P.S: the car really isn't that noticeable. :)

  2. I love that the car is parked on your that cracks me up!