The Budd's

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lexi's 1st Concert!

So... Lexi was invited to her first concert on the 4th. My 16 year old sister invited her to go with her to the Stadium of Fire and to see the Jonas Brothers! She was super excited and said " Mom, Meagan chose me instead of one of her friends." It really made her happy. When I was explaining to her what the Jo Bros would be doing she looked a little perplexed, she said " Now mom, it's the Jonas Brothers on TV right?" and said yes. Then she got this funny little look on her face and said " Well. are they Human?" I almost died laughing. Apparently because they are on TV they must be fake! It was quite hilarious. She had a complete ball, and actually has pretty much slept all day today because she didn't get home til 1:00 am.


  1. Love the new background! Very cute story- kids are so funny and they don't even try.