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Friday, June 5, 2009

Lexi turns 4!

Lexi turned four on June 1st! I absolutely can't believe I have a 4 year old! She shouldn't be this old, it is so crazy. We had cake and ice cream with all of the family the night before. And the next day I took her and Ellie to Build a Bear. It was so fun for them! After she got done opening all of her presents from the family, we brought out the Barbie Jeep we got her. It was all put together and ready to ride. Except...she didn't want anything to do with it! She had minor meltdown when everyone told her to get in and go for a ride. In fact...she told me to take it back to the store! After everyone left, she decided to take it for a spin, and now I can't get her out of it. Lexi's birthday is always the kickoff to our summer, and this year I think it's gonna be fun. We bought season passes to Seven Peaks, and we plan on spending a lot of time there! Another thing that's gonna happen this summer is that I am going to drive in the Derby! YAY! I am so excited and just a little scared, but Rachel and I are going to have a blast doing it. So if you didn't get tickets, you need to find some so you can come watch me!

This is her standing by the Jeep pretending she likes it!

These two had so much fun a Build a Bear! It was so cute. I was kind of thinking "What the Hell am I doing bring 2 four year old girls here." Because they wanted swim suits, pj's, and furniture for their bunnies! But it turned out to be way fun. I told them they could choose where to go to lunch, and they chose the pretzel place in the mall!

When we got home Ellie came to play. They put their bunnies in the back of the Jeep and rode around for hours! It was so cute!


  1. I can't believe you have a four year old either!! What a spoiled little girl you have :o).
    Wouldn't you know that I was in Star Valley on Sunday during Memorial Day weekend? That is where my in-laws live. Everything there is closed on Sunday!
    Yellowstone is seriously my favorite! I'm so jealous that you got to see some bears. I haven't seen any there for several years (probably 5 years), and we are there every year.

  2. Happy Birthday Lexi!!!! Sounds like a fun party. Lexi is so beautiful! Love the Jeep. Can't keep my BOYS out of Lydia's, lol. Pretzel place is my kids FAVORITE place to eat too. That's funny! Build a bear looks like fun. I must take my kids there sometime. They keep begging. Hope she had a good one and good luck in teh Derby, I need to get tickets!

  3. Thanks so much for taking Ellie to build a bear with Lex, she had so much fun!
    And the DERBY??? What? talk about a panic attack!!

  4. Yeah...panic attack for sure! But it's something I have always wanted to do, so I guess I better at least try it once!! Every time I think about it I get butterflies in my stomach and start!

  5. Adorable pictures! Happy Birthday to Lexi!!
    FYI, Hannah took ME to build-a-bear this past year for my birthday... now that was a good time! ;)