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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let's Try This Again

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Our life gets pretty crazy sometimes and I haven't even blogged about all of the crazy here goes.

We traveled to St. George in March to watch Lexi compete in a dance competition. She competed in a team dance and also did her first solo. We are so proud of her and she did amazingly well on both dances. Taking first on her team dance, and second on her solo. She is doing great in school and is looking forward to summer. She will turn eight in June and is counting down the days until her baptism.

Quinn is doing great. She has been doing lots of therapy at Shriner's and it is working. She has gotten a few Botox injections in her left side to help us be able to work those muscles and build them up. We have gotten amazing results with that. She is playing spring soccer and is loving it. She is doing well in school and loves all of her little friends.

Hudson is 15 months old now and is cruising all over the place. He literally never stops...I wonder where he gets all of that energy and wish he could share some! He says lots of words like mom, dadda, deer, thank you, love you and lots more. He is getting so big and is learning so much.


We got a new family toy. We took it out the other day and it was so much fun. The kids love it! It is a Polaris RZR and it is all set up. It seats our whole family, has a roll cage, lift kit, new tires, iPod hook ups and an amp with 2 ten inch subs. We are heading to the Sand Dunes next weekend and we are so excited!!

So that's kind of what is going on with our family. We have just been chuggin along and having fun as a family!

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