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Friday, May 25, 2012

Things I Love

i love READING... I love to read. I love to read classic novels, historical novels, fantasy, and romance. I started reading the one everyone is talking about and can't decide if I should finish it. It's pretty....I can't think of a word!

i love BUTTERCREAM FROSTING....I can buy a cake and scrape all of the frosting off and eat it all without even thinking two thoughts about it!

i love NAPS...Everyday when my kids lie down for naps, I do to. I don't know how my day would go without my naps!

i love RAIN...I love rain storms in the Summer. Even better when it is accompanied by thunder and lightening.

i love CLOTHES...I love to shop. Whether it is for clothes for my kids or myself, I love buying clothes. And I always get a Post Shopping High!

i love PRETTY THINGS...I love to have things around my house that are pretty and dainty. I love reading Better Homes and Gardens to get ideas to decorate my house with pretty things.

i love HUNTING...I may love pretty things and I may be prissy, but I love to go hunting. My dad took me with him when I was very little, and then I married a very avid hunter. I love being in the mountains and glassing for deer and all that fun stuff.

i love BIKE RIDES...I love to go on bike rides on a summer night with my family. I got a very cute pink beach cruiser for my birthday a few years ago and I love it. I like to ride it to work sometimes too!

i love COOKING...I love to try new recipes and the look on my family's face when it's a good one! It feels so good to sit down together as a family and talk about things going on in our lives!

i love FAMILY....Family is very important to me, all of our family is very close and we see them on a regular basis. I love family parties and BBQs and just the fact that if I ever need ANYTHING, I have so many people I can call that will drop what they are doing and be there in five minutes. I love my own little family and our evenings together, eating dinner, going on bike rides or just hanging out watching TV. I can't imagine a life with no family to turn too. At the end of the day they are all you have, so grab your family and hold them close!

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  1. I love all the things you love too! Minus hunting. I do love the mountains though. We should go shopping sometime like we used to, those were some good times!