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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hottest New Accessory of the Season

This just in....
The hottest accessory of the summer is....

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Lexi has been sportin' this bad boy for about two weeks.
She has about 3 more to go!

Here is how it all went down.
My sisters and I were in my house watching " Pretty Little Liars", and Cameron was outside working on his derby car, while Lexi and the neighbor boy were playing. I heard a blood curdling scream, so dramatic that I thought they were just playing. When it never let up...I decided to check things out. I went outside to find Cameron holding Lex and her arm was swollen and red. She carefully explained to us that she was trying to go down the slide and went over the side backwards. We took her to the Urgent Care and found out she had fractured her growth plate and her elbow.

Not the best way to start the summer, but she feels pretty important with that awesome cast. When my sister Madi asked if she could sign it, Lexi told her she could but it would cost $1. What a savy little business woman!

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