The Budd's

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Mornings at our house are quite interesting now that I work. We rush, rush, rush still to end up late. This morning we had quite a dramatic one....

Me: Quinn, come on let's do your hair ( While picking out this bow)
Quinn: Put it back! Put it back! I not wear it!
Me: Come on, we are in a hurry, we are gonna be late, let's do your hair!
Quinn: I not wear that flower, I doesn't match!
add kicking and screaming
Quinn: I throwin a fit!

I am really gonna have problems if it is already starting at 2. Next thing ya know she will want to pick out her own clothes! Just another morning in the life of The Budd's.


  1. So cute! She sounds much older than two..

  2. Your girls have gotten so big!! Love your blog! :D Glad you found me now I found you!! :D I"m following you so i can keep updated :D cute cute kids!! tell your hubby hello for me :D