The Budd's

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Quinn was first diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, I was devastated. My worst fear was that she was going to get made fun of because she is different. She won't walk the same way other kids do, it might take her longer to learn physical things, and she may have to take special classes at school. Quinn is different, but having her in our home has made it such a special place. Having a child with special needs really makes you take a step back and appreciate how good you really do have it.

I came across this video and couldn't help but share it. Some of my fears have been settled by seeing this amazing boy, and how he treated his friend with Cerebral Palsy. Quinn's CP is obviously not as severe as this boys, but it still touched my heart. I know there are kids out there that will befriend my little Quinn just like he did Dayton. This kid is really a great example of how to live your life.


  1. thanks for shearing this, It hard not to tear up! Quinn is such an adorable little girl, would never know anything was wrong with that smile! Hugs!

  2. oh my gosh Im sitting here bawling my head off! What a great kid. There are so many people out there like that, little quinn with not ever have a problem with fitting in! She's adorable in every sense of the word! Thanks for sharing this video, sometimes we all need alittle reminding.