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Friday, October 15, 2010

As a mom... I have come to realize that I encounter a lot of firsts, with my children. You almost dont realize that after the intial firsts like first tooth, and first time rolling over, and first steps, that you will encounter new ones every day. Lexi has experieced many firsts in the last couple months. She started kindergarten on Sept. 7. How did THAT happen? I cried and cried. I couldn't believe I was the mom of a school kid. And after the 1st day she told me she didn't need me to walk her to school anymore, that she could walk herself. What she didn't realize is that I needed that!! She lost her first tooth last was loose for about 3 weeks and hanging by a thread. She wouldn't let Cameron or me anywhere near her, for fear we would yank it out. I was starting to worry that it was gonna fall out while she was eating and she would swallow it. But my sister Meagan took care of it. When Lexi least expected it, Meagan tackled her and ripped it out. The Tooth Fairy left her $3. And it she loved it! She also had her first parent teacher conference last week. We learned that she is doing very well in school. Learning to read and doing great with writing. She may need to work on not being the center of attenion!

Quinn has experienced many firsts lately too. She got her first pair of glasses. She is so dang cute in them. She leaves them on so good because they help her out so much! She also has started walking without help! She started out walking with a walker. I think starting out with the walker gave her the confidence to go for it on her own. We are looking forward to some things Quinn will be particiapting in. She gets to take some swimming lessons through the National Ability Center. They will teach her to swim while doing therapy in the water. We are also trying to get her into a horse riding program. Quinn has made huge strides since we found out about her Cerebral Palsy. She is doing so well. She is a little spit fire, and very independent. Thank goodness for those qualities that will help her make it through this hard trial she will have forever.

Lexi's 1st day of school. She picked out the outfit!

It is so weird to see my little girl without all of her teeth! She seems so grown up!

Quinn loves her glasses. And they are very cute! She has actually gotten to the point where she looks really weird without them on. They fit her personality!

Here she is walking! She walks all over the place now. Although after walking for a while she tends to get very tired and her muscles get tight!

This just shows Quinn's little personality. She is always being silly. And is such a girl. In fact she has to wear a splint on her hand to stretch her thumb. And she wouldn't wear it until I glued a flower on it!

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  1. I can't believe how fast our kids our growing up! It is so crazy! Little Quinn is so cute in her glasses! We need to get together really soon, it has been so long since we have done something! Caden asks about Lexi all the time. This is Camille by the way...ha ha