The Budd's

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've been a SLACKER!

Well lately we have been pretty busy and I have been slackin on the blogging! So from my last post about Round Robin...both of my teams did pretty crappy. But it was a good time.
We had Rachel's wedding on the 25th of April. It was so pretty and everything turned out so well. Lexi was one of the flower girls with Brentanna and Caden was the ring bearer. It was so cute! I am so happy for Brad and Rachel they are the cutest couple and are doing so good.
A couple of weeks ago we poured a patio on the side of our house. We had the girls put their hand prints and foot prints in it. Lexi was so excited to do her hands but when it came time to do the feet she had a complete meltdown! I have no idea why! But it was cute. I am excited the patio is finally done so we can BBQ and stuff. We bought a firepit and have already had one fire with the Grahams and made smores. I think that will be happening a lot this summer!
Quinn is 6 months old now and she is so cute! She finally rolled over from her back to her belly. She eats cereal now...and I think she is really chunky but apparently she is only in the 30th percentile for her weight. And she is in the 90th for her height! She is so much fun.
Lexi's birthday is in a couple of weeks. I can't believe she will be 4! It seems like she should still be Quinn's age! She was in a dance performance last week for the Torch Run for the Special Olympics. It was so funny because she kept on complaining of a belly ache as soon as we got there. And she looked like she was really in pain. I went over to check on her and she was lying in the pine cones! So I could tell she was really not feeling good. But she got on the stage and danced her little heart out and then she was just fine!
Cameron had to buy yet another toy! A motorcycle this time. I am telling you he has way too many hobbies!! Softball has now started and that's pretty much what we will be doing all summer. Cameron plays 2 days a week and I play 1. But it is so much fun! All in all we are doing really well and staying really busy!


  1. I love the pictures and your dress is so cute, you look amazing!

  2. You guys are all so cute! I still can't get over how big Quinn is already. Caden picked out a birthday present for Lexi the other day that he thinks is so pretty and can't wait to give it to her! We need to let them play together soon! Anyway I'm sure we will be seeing you at the softball games....I will be the one chasing around the 2 crazy kids, ha ha!

  3. Quinn is the most beautiful baby ever! I can't stop saying that everytime i see her! I should have put sophies hands in our patio, dang, i bet it looks so cute!

  4. Quinn is so far from chunky it isn't even funny! She is so cute. I hope my little girl has dimples just like her!
    You guys looked great at the wedding!