The Budd's

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So...not much has been going on with our family lately. We have just been hangin out. Quinn is getting so big! I absolutely can't believe it. She is 4 months old and smiles, coos, and giggles at us. She weighed 13 lbs. at her 4 month check up. I can't believe how fast it goes.
And last week we cut Lexi's hair for the very first time. We cut about 6 inches off and it is so cute! I am so glad we got rid of the stringy baby hair. Except we lost the curls. But it is cute. She is doing good. And loves going to dance, she is so excited for her upcoming recital and it's not even til the end of May. I can't believe she is going to preschool in the fall. She still needs to be little.
A couple weeks ago Melissa, Sarah and I took the kids to my dad's farm so they could see the baby lambs and goats. It was so fun, they got to hold the little lamb in the picture. When we went over to the goats, we saw the 2 legged goat! It was born on a really cold night and it's back legs froze off! It was so sad, and the kids didn't quite know what to think about it. They also got to pet the mule. It was a lot of fun.
So other than that stuff, we are pretty boring. My sister's wedding is coming up and so I have been busy helping her, and I am so excited for her.


  1. Your kids are getting so big! For a minute I thought that picture of Quinn was Hadlie. She had the exact same headband and shirt that Quinn has on! Ha ha! We need to let the kids get together and play, Caden has been asking about Lexi.

  2. That 2 legged goat sounds frightening. I'm not gonna lie about that. The next warm day we have, it's play date at the Budd's. Deal?

  3. I love the cute pictures! Isn't it liberating to finally have that hair cut over with? I hope I can come to Bunco soon...

  4. Cute blog! Your little girls are darling. Hope you don't mind me saying hi.

  5. Hi Terra !!

    Your little girls are so cute! I can't believe how big Lexi is getting, it doesn't seem that long ago that we were all graduating high school :O